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1st trip report - LCMP trip, March 9th 2013

1st trip report - LCMP trip, March 9th 2013

With around 22 Jeeps hitting it on the trails of Land Cruiser Park on the weekend of the 9th & 10th of March it made for an impressive sight. What a brilliant day it was starting off from the Murchison Workshop with Coffee and UHF in hand and blue skies as far as one could see. Traveling in such a large convoy always makes for an impressive sight and gives you a little sense of pride being a Jeeper.

With a few sheep getting lost along the way, a plethora of seasoned convoy veterans on the UHF radio was all it took to get them back on line for the remainder of the trip into Kilcoy before hitting the rickety dirt road out to Land Cruiser Park.

LCMP as its known is an institution of the 4WD Mecca that we all know and love here in SE QLD. It is as remote as it is rugged and this brings a very diverse level of 4WD tracks to the table for us to sample, and sample we did! With the 1st half of the day being more tame we pushed on further for the 2nd leg of the day and found some very challenging tracks, full of hill climbs, gully crossings, ridge running and creek trails. There was a little bit of carnage here and there which is to be expected if your familiar with the laws of probability J but helping hands were all to willing to get each other going in the true Jeeping spirit. After initial assessments had been made, a few had to depart safely back to reality and the rest of us decided to use the rest of our leave passes and continue on. With courage in hand and the UHF in the other the remainder of the day was full of exciting challenges.

With the sun starting to go down and the “low fuel chime” sounds starting to appear amongst the group, we decided to call it a day and head back home. A few of us had a stop through Kilcoy and headed for the Pub for warm dinner, some drinks and a game of pool or two. This was about as complete as a day could get, thanks for another great day LCMP! “