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2nd trip report - LCMP trip, April 20th/21st

Murchison Products March 2013 Run at Land Cruiser Mountain Park

Well it didn’t take long for the 2nd trip to formulate given the feedback of our 1st trip of the year so we decided to pack the swags this time and head back to LCMP for an overnighter.

And what a blast it was!

It seems the “G up” of the 1st trip of the year had put us all in good spirits to get stuck into the second. This time we went out with a lot more direction…….uh….if you call it that J, but we wound our way through the park and found the best of the best. Telecom Hill, Troopy Trail, Hilux Hill (as if a Hilux would ever get up it!) Cruiser Canyon and Test Track were all run and won by the field of Murchison Prepped Jeeps – we even bypassed the famous “Camp Rd” just so we could get to the good stuff even quicker! There was more flexing going on than a Body Building Contest and the entire field didn’t falter. The driving was right up there as everyone decided to give it a red hot go, even a few of our 1st timers welcomed the baptism of fire and with that we pushed on. The whole day was very involved, a few trail repairs were needed by various vehicles throughout the day, some tricky hammer work by Joe was in order to fix a very bucked rim, a conga line of snatch straps were in order for Aydos to change a tyre that had come off a rim mid hill decent – and all the while the comraderey and banter continued in the background. With a few “Hi Fives” and “thanks for your help mate” comments behind us, we saw the rest of the day through like any hyped up kid with a can of red bull would J full on! We all headed for Test Track which was washed out so badly you could barely make out the entrance.

With a decision made that some would enter the gates of hellish fun and some would take the scenic road back to camp, we split up into 2 groups. Around 7 Jeeps led by the Murchison Dozer entered “Test Track,” and test us it did. Barely 15m into it, the winches were out and I couldn’t rub my hands together any quicker with excitement knowing this was going to be a cracker! Winching, snatching and more winching were in order for the 1st few hundred meters of the track which was insanely rocky and washed out. The light faded pretty quick which turned into total darkness - all except for the array of LED light bars and spots shooting in all directions throughout the bush – very cool. We rock hopped out way through Test Track Nirvana wondering when it was going to end – it seemed like it was going on forever which was just magic. We must have crossed that creek 30+ times back and forth and many of those tracks were not even visible, we kind of had to “Choose our own adventure” though most of it hoping that we were on the right path. Finally we busted through to the other side and ended up just opposite the camp site where others were ankle deep in the evenings proceedings of sampling multiple beverages at once and delectable campfire cooking…..man those Kransky’s smelt good, Aydos! The evening around the campfire was just superb and a laugh, what a brilliant end to a brilliant day.

The next morning the run was short and sweet whilst a few had to depart early, so we counted our blessings, packed up and headed home with a bunch of dirty Jeeps in convoy.

Looking forward to the next one, looks like its going to be a cold one!



Trip Report Video: