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GVM Upgrades



The GVM is the maximum a vehicle can weigh when fully loaded. Everything you place on or in your vehicle adds to the overall GVM such as fuel, a bull bar, tow bar, recovery gear, the body for cab chassis models and even your passengers. OEM suspension is designed for comfort, with load carrying being an afterthought.

Murchison Products can now add 10% GVM for 2007 - 2018 JK Wranglers,  2013 - 2019 Ram 1500's and Ram 2500's.

This option is available on all our CRDSTU and Murchison Suspension Systems. We also offer the GVM upgrade for the Ram 1500 Fox and Bilstien Coil Over Suspension packages.

All GVM Upgrades are certified for QLD registered vehicles, and we provide the GVM upgrade and certification plate/paperwork here in house at our Brendale QLD workshop. If you purchase our coils and are from another State, you can still get the GVM upgrade but you will have to talk to your local engineer for approval and we can email the data sheets to them.

Compliance can be achieved both via pre and post registration in Queensland.


Jeep Wrangler GVM Upgrade

10% JK Wrangler QLD GVM Upgrade certified in QLD at Murchison Products, Brendale, Brisbane QLD 4500

10% JK Wrangler NSW GVM Upgrade certified in NSW through Adrenalin Off-Road Centre in Narellen NSW 2567.  (02) 4648 2085​

Ram 1500 GVM Upgrade

Available on Queensland registered vehicles or pre-registration vehciles that are intended to be registered in Queensland.

Our GVM Increase is 10% which takes the Ram 1500 up from 3450KG to a new GVM of 3795kgs MAX. We do not recommend trying to exceed this amount whatsover as we belive the vehicle isn't really built for that.

The 1500 platform is brilliant, and in our opinion drives better than a 2500 - but you you have to be carefull about squeezing more and more KGs onto it without expecting any problems. The USA Spec 1500's that come into this country have a factory 4.3T towing capability - the reason is that the ADR (Australian Design Rules) for our roads categorise 4x4s as 3.5T Towing or 4.5T Towing - above that and its a Light Truck Vehicle which required different licencing  - so the car had a "Paperwork Towing Capability" upgrade without any physical changes besides a ADR Approved Towbar.

Post Install
We submit the paper work to QLD Transport & Main Roads on your behalf.
We recomend you let your insurance company know of the upgrade.
We ask that (if you can) come back for a suspension check after 1000km. This is provided free of charge.


Ram 2500 GVM Upgrade