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Long Range Fuel Tanks

Long Range Fuel Tanks by Long Range Automotive

It’s a generally accepted fact that the only way to significantly increase your fuel range is to fit a long range fuel tank.

Yes, you can tweak your engine, and adjust your driving style to maximise your engine’s efficiency. However if you really want to travel further before stopping for fuel then a larger tank should be on your shopping list.

As an added bonus, they are often much better engineered and stronger than your standard tank and negate the need to carry bulky jerry cans which, unless they are able to be vented out of the cab, must be carried on the exterior of your vehicle which can mean a lot of weight right where you don’t want it.

While installation of a replacement fuel tank is certainly achievable by the average home mechanic, access to a hoist and other specialist equipment make it infinitely easier. A workshop will be able to do it quickly, neatly, and relatively inexpensively when you weigh up the time spent driving instead of lying under your truck.

Grand Cherokee Long Range Fuel Tanks by Long Range Automotive

Supported 4x4's

Jeep Wrangler - Petrol - Diesel Ford Ranger Ford Everest
Jeep Grand Cherokee Toyota Hilux Toyota Land Cruiser
Holden Colorado Nissan Navara Nissian Patrol
Landcrusier 79 series Long Range Fuel Tanks by Long Range Automotive


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Do your replacement tanks come with a sender unit or do they use the original sender?

All replacement tanks will use the vehicles original sender unit.

Do you sell spare parts?

We do sell and service all parts and components in our current range.

Do I require an aftermarket gaurd to protect my tank?

LRA tanks are constructed from 2mm aluminised steel and fully baffled internally, therefor a seperate gaurd is not required.

Does LRA quote usable litres or total tank capacity?

LRA does quote usable litres bearing in mind that driving conditions can have a bearing on this.

Do your replacement tanks come with a sender unit or do they use the original sender?

All replacement tanks will use the vehicles original sender unit.

How many litres of fuel per minute does the fuel pump transfer on my auxiliary tank?

The transfer rate is 2lt per minute

Will my fuel gauge remain accurate with a long range fuel tank?

This does differ a lot from vehicle to vehicle. Most replacement tanks will tend to hang on full for a while until the fuel level that is above the upper level of the float is used. Low fuel warning lights will generally come on at the same level as the original tank but with a greater reserve capacity as the tank has a larger surface area.

Does the Distance to Empty function in my vehicle still remain accurate?

The distance to empty function on your trip computer will not remain accurate. The vehicles ECU has the capacity of the original tank programmed into it and the DTE counts down as the float starts to move from Full to empty. The closer you get to empty the more accurate the DTE becomes.

It is incorrect to say that once the fuel gauge starts to move you only have the capacity of the original tank left. In general the Longrange replacement tank has a greater surface area than the original tank and there is a portion of fuel above the full limit of the float that needs to be used before the gauge starts to move.

It is important to remember that the actual fuel gauge will read correctly at empty.

We suggest that to become familiar with how your fuel gauge registers once you have your Longrange tank fitted you refill your tank from quarter, half and three quarters of a tank and take note of the amount of Litres you can put in.

Another tip is to reset one of your trip meters every time you fill your tank, over time you will be able to establish how far you can travel in different driving conditions.