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Murchison CRDSTU Jeep Suspension

All CRDSTU / Murchison Coils are 100% made here in Australia.

Murchison Products support late model Jeep’s and Ram Trucks with a range of coil options. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using the vehicle as a daily driver, a family commuter, a work truck, or a long distance tourer, we have a coils and suspension set up that’s right for you.

Since 2007 Murchison Products have been working with Australian coil manufacturers to make our custom CRDSTU branded Jeep Coils. In 2016 we moved to support the 4th gen Ram 2500 DJ, and in 2019 the Ram 1500 DS. Early 2021 saw us launch our Jeep JT Gladaitor coils, along with our JL Wrangler coils mid 2021. Our custom coils for the 5th gen Ram 1500 DT are due in the 3rd quater of 2021.

Developing our coil range has come from owning and driving the vehicles themselves, not just fitting a set of aftermarket coils and calling the job complete.

We pair our coils up with a range of shock absorbers, such as the US made Bilstein, Fox, Kings and more.