AEV JL Wrangler 2.5″ DualSport RT Suspension

AEV JL Wrangler 2.5″ DualSport RT Suspension

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AEV first introduced OE-level suspension engineering to the aftermarket over 10 years ago. Today, they continue that legacy with our 2.5″ DualSport RT Suspension System for the JL Wrangler.

As a true, expedition-ready suspension system, coil spring and shock tuning was essential to provide the optimal balance of load carrying capacity and ride quality that customers have come to expect from AEV. The 2.5” DualSport RT Suspension System includes a set of their frequency-tuned, triple-rate coil springs to provide 2.5” of additional front and rear ride height. The JL Wrangler is equipped from the factory with a very soft coil spring and a fairly stiff shock package, which is not ideal for expedition travel when heavier cargo loads are introduced. For this reason, AEV went with progressive rate coil springs designed for additional load handling capability and then paired them with set of AEV-tuned, 46mm Bilstein 5100 series shock absorbers for a slightly firm, sportier feel. The AEV/Bilstein coil spring and shock combination used in this suspension not only increases both up travel and down travel but also provides better articulation as well as improved off-road speed potential and bottoming control.

AEV then optimized the JL Wrangler’s front and rear suspension geometry throughout the entire range of motion, giving you the sporty, responsive handling characteristics that AEV suspension systems are known for. To optimize the frontend geometry, a pair of AEV’s heavy duty control arm geometry correction brackets are included for an improved ride quality and reduced nose dive under hard braking.  A rear track bar tower extension is included to correct the rear roll center while also generating a better turn-in response. Extended length front and rear sway bar end links compensate for the additional lift height, while new front and rear bump stop spacers improve bumper/axle contact under full articulation and jounce. Due to this suspension system’s lower lift height, there is no need to swap out any of the OE track bars, control arms or steering components.

The all-new ProCal SNAP is included for quick and easy speedometer recalibration, as well as the JL Jack Base for added safety and stability when changing a 35” and taller tire with the factory scissor jack.

Proudly made in the USA and features AEV’s Lifetime Warranty.


Maximum recommended tire sizes*

• Sport/Sahara/Rubicon (Export): 35×12.50R17

* All maximum tire size recommendations are derived from AEV’s product development process using AEV wheels and BFGoodrich tires.  AEV products are designed, developed and tested specifically to work with other AEV products. Mixing aftermarket or factory components with AEV components may cause interference/tire rubbing at full jounce or full lock.

Kit Contents:

2.5″ coil springs, AEV-Tuned Bilstein 5100 shocks, Control arm geometry correction brackets, Front and rear bump stop extensions, Front and rear sway bar end links, JL Jack Base, Passenger side coil spring shims, ProCal SNAP, Rear track bar tower

What is the ProCal SNAP?

The ProCal SNAP is a simple, electronic recalibration module that plugs into your vehicle’s OBDII diagnostic port. It utilizes the stereo’s audio equalizer to input the numerical values for your new tire size- saving you time and money by not having to make a trip to the dealership for speedometer recalibration. The ProCal SNAP also has the ability to recalibrate for axle gear ratio as well as transfer case gear ratio changes.

Why does AEV not include adjustable control arms?

The AEV Geometry correction brackets are included to improve front impact ride quality (expansion joints, ledges), increase anti-dive for improved braking performance, decrease the operating angle range of the front driveshaft, and eliminate the need for adjustable control arms or cam bolts for caster correction.   

Will this suspension give me “death wobble”?

No but it is good to be aware that due to a host of variables, JL Wrangler’s have been known to exhibit tire shimmy (death wobble) and it can be exacerbated by larger tires and tire balance issues.  We strongly recommend using quality tires like BFGoodrich or tires of similar/less weight and having them professionally mounted and balanced on quality wheels.

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