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Warranty / Disclaimer

Murchison Products sell genuine Mopar, aftermarket and in house manufactured products to suit Jeep 4WD applications only. Most of what we sell is street legal and fine for road registered vehicles however it is purely up to the individual (purchaser and or vehicle owner) to find out whether or not a particular product is suitable and / or legal for street use should they have any doubts. There are many different State by State laws regarding road registered vehicles and modifications throughout all the Australian States and it is always up to the end user to decide whether or not to purchase and fit a particular product. Murchison Products can also compliance certain suspension packages using a 3rd party Engineering officer of Queensland Transport. Each application is unique and not all modifications can be approved and in most cases a pre approval process is required because of the "NCOP" and "QCOP" revised regulations which took effect here in Queensland, Australia on the 1st November 2012.

Murchison Products also sells many products that are sold as "Off Road Use Only" or "Racing Application Only" and all second hand products used or demo products are sold exclusively without any warranty or liability whatsoever nor are they refundable or exchangeable.
All products that are imported from the US come with the warranties expressly provided by that said manufacturer. If that manufacturer requires the item to be sent back to them in the US before a Warranty Claim is deemed, the freight will be payable by the customer and not Murchison Products, as will the Labour to remove and refit the part to the vehicle. Fair wear and tear is considered but not "warrantable" as such however impact abuse from off-road driving is not deemed "warrantable".

Stock can be damaged during transit and Murchison Products will not be responsible for the condition of the goods during transit. All goods that leave the Murchison Products Warehouse are sent in perfect working order without damage. Certain items just don't travel well due to weight, packaging issues and cumbersome shapes. If you are in doubt as to whether something will not travel well, you 'the customer' are more than welcome to organise your own freight logistics and insurances.