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Murchison Products can compliance certain suspension packages using a 3rd party Engineering officer of Queensland Transport. Each application is unique and not all modifications can be approved and in most cases, a pre-approval process is required because of the "NCOP" and "QCOP" revised regulations which took effect here in Queensland, Australia on the 1st November 2012.

BE VERY CAREFUL OF BUSINESSES THAT SAY THEY CAN LEGALLY APPROVE LARGE TYRES AND BIG LIFTS ON JK WRANGLERS. This not possible in QLD. There are a handful of compliance engineers that can mod plate a QLD registered vehicle within the actual legal guidelines, please contact QLD Transport or look at www.tmr.qld.gov.au

Also please note: It is illegal to have a vehicle complianced and registered in another state while trying to use the mod plate from that (non QLD) state when the vehicles' primary use, garage address, and owner live in QLD.


Every single Murchison Products CRDSTU coil come with a lifetime warranty against breakage and/or sagging, for the original purchaser. Please Note: We have over 20 part numbers in our JK coil range, when these are installed by us or supplied to the customer, we do out best to match coil height to the weight of the vehicle at that point in time. EG: a 2.5" lift on a JK with a front winch bar, but stock rear bar, no rear draw system, etc. If the owner then adds a rear bar, tyre carrier, and a rear draw system, this will weigh down the rear of the vehicle, as different coils will be needed to maintain the lift height. That is not a warrantable situation. We are more than willing to provide the correct coils to maintain the lift, but this will be at a retail cost.


Most of what Murchison Products sell is street legal and fine for road registered vehicles however it is purely up to the individual (purchaser and/or vehicle owner) to find out whether or not a particular product is suitable and / or legal for street use should they have any doubts. There are many different State laws regarding road registered vehicles and modifications throughout Australia, and it is always up to the end user to decide whether or not to purchase and fit a particular product.

We also sells many products that are sold as "Off Road Use Only" or "Racing Application Only." Again, it is up to the individual (purchaser and/or vehicle owner) to find out whether or not a particular product is suitable and / or legal for street use should they have any doubts. All second-hand products used or demo products are sold exclusively without any warranty or liability whatsoever nor are they refundable or exchangeable.

All products that are imported from the US come with a 12 month warranty. However if that manufacturer requires the item to be sent back to them in the US before a Warranty Claim is deemed, the freight will be payable by the customer and not Murchison Products, as will the Labour Cost to remove and refit the part to the vehicle. Fair wear and tear is considered but not "warrantable" as such however impact abuse from off-road driving is not deemed "warrantable".


Murchison Products ships all items securely, and fully packaged. We are cannot be held responsible for damage during transit and in nearly all cases shipping agent will not accept any responsibilty either. Shipping insurance on purchases is available at additional cost to the buyer. All goods that leave the Murchison Products Warehouse are sent in perfect working order without damage. The customer is welcome to organise their own freight logistics and insurances. If there any concerns or questions on shipping, please contact us and we can help.


Any and all risk of possible damage to the product is assumed to be agreed upon by the purchaser, upon agreeing to have an item shipped out. Shipping insurance on all purchases is available at reasonable additional cost to the buyer.

TNT agree to deliver the goods to the location identified in the consignment note in the same condition that goods were delivered to TNT. It covers freight from the time of pick-up to the time of delivery. If the goods are not so delivered, TNT will pay the value of the goods, or if the goods are damaged the reasonable cost of repair of the goods. TNT's liability to you is limited to the amount of the Extended Warranty elected on the consignment note.

• Class B Freight Insurance with TNT: Cost is $1.38 (inc $0.13 GST) per $100 value
Excluding glassware, fragile goods, porcelain, ceramics, enamel goods, computers, mobile phones, electrical goods and white goods

• Class C Freight Insurance with TNT: Cost is $6.60 (inc $0.60 GST) per $100 value
Including glassware, fragile goods, porcelain, ceramics, enamel goods, computers, mobile phones, electrical goods and white goods

These rates are offered by TNT and can change without notice. The rates listed apply to purchases made over the phone with Murchison Products. The optional insurance offered via our website at the point checkout is through the selected freight company, those rates are subject to change at each companies discretion.

INTERSTATE WORK / Long Distance Customers

Every single week we are working on vehicles from interstate travellers and or customers far away ie: not in SEQLD. If the customer travels to us to have work done but upon travelling back home develops a problem, we will use our best endeavors to rectify the issue using our own resources and contacts however this is not always possible. Murchison Products will not pay any labour for unauthorised 3rd party workshop's if a customer takes it upon themselves to seek resolve before giving Murchison Products the 1st option to rectify. In relation to ECU modifications and tuning, all vehicles must come back to Murchison Products Workshop in Brendale QLD to be assessed. ECU's are sensitive equipment and require the authorised person's and or equipment to troubleshoot and rectify.


We commonly place special orders for customers and have long waiting periods for goods out of the US. 3 months is common to wait for some products. We require a minimum 25% - 50% deposit on some items however some items require full payment up front. If a customer needs to cancel an order for any reason inside the 3 month order period, a 10% cancellation fee may be deducted before any refunds occur.

If a product is sent back as it is not required or the customer has a "change of mind" a 20% fee will apply. Murchison Products may waive this fee at our discretion.
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