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Established in 2007 Murchison Products specialises in Jeep & Ram Suspension, accessories, servicing & complete vehicle fit-outs.

Through years of sustainable growth and success, Murchison Products caters for not only the late model range of Jeeps, but also other high end 4x4's such as Ram, Ford Ranger and Toyota Land Cruiser.

From a routine log book service, suspension lift or complete new engine install, Murchison Products take pride in setting up customer's vehicles for off road touring and on road comfort. With a background of working at Jeep and BMW, Stuart Murchison, owner of Murchison Products, can assure you you’re dealing with a company that knows what they’re doing and knows how to deliver.
Keeping Jeep and 4x4 Parts Made Here in Aus

Where possible, our aim is to support Australian Brands and Manufacturing. Not only to help keep jobs here in Aus, but to maintain the quality, and "ease of use" that consumers want. We only align ourselves with proven popular American and Aussie Manufacturers - nothing cheap or Chinese here!

For Australian manufactured parts and accessories we have teamed up with Australian manufacturer Uneek 4x4. Uneek design and make all of their parts in house, and everything is put through extensive ADR and crash testing. We are the largest Uneek 4x4 stockist and distributor in the country and are always expanding our stock holdings of their non-Jeep Uneek product lines as well.
Murchison Australian Made Performance Parts

We've spent countless hours developing our own products for the WK2 Grand Cherokee, Ram 1500/2500. The Murchison WK2 Snorkel, Murchison XL Intercooler, Murchison 3" Exhaust and Murchison ECU Tune, Ram Adventure Racks, Ram skid plates, Ram ECU Dyno tunes ect we have it covered!

We have been involved in designing Jeep suspension systems for over a decade and are constantly refining and tuning our packages to cater for a wide variety of weekend and weekday Jeep owners. We also R&D and manufacture a range of Jeep vehicle solutions for vehicles such as the current WK2 Grand Cherokee and upcoming JL Wrangler. When it comes to your Jeep, to us it’s just as important to get over that rocky ledge safely as it is for you to drive the kids to school.

The Best of the USA

Our core International brand of choice for the JK, Ram and new JL Wrangler is AEV (American Expedition Vehicles.) Murchison Products are one of only two authorised Australian AEV dealers.

Other than AEV, we import the proven major USA brands such as Fox Shocks, Bilstein Shocks, Dynatrac Axle Housings, Poison Spyder, Nitro & Revolution Gear sets, Teraflex & Falcon Shocks. If it's made in the USA for Jeep or Ram, chances are we've got it or installed it and can give you feedback on the pros & cons for what you're looking at.

We stock Mopar filters and Penrite Premium oils and lubricants for all makes and models of Jeep & Ram. From Mopar Tow Bars (JK JL only) Mopar Skid Plates and even some selected Mopar JL Suspension Kits we've got you covered - and if we dont have it we can probably get it for you! Just ask.
Chief Products

Chief have impressed the hell out of us and have some of the best designed parts for the WK2 Grand Cherokee we've seen. All items are designed here in Queensland and recieve a minimum of 12 months of real world testing before going to market. We look forward to working with Chief more and cant wait to see their next range of products for the JL Wrangler!
Offroad Animal

Offroad Animal are new to the market here in Oz, but with all of their products designed in Australia with Queensland and Victorian factories, you can be assured that their products are worth it. From the Ford Raptor, Ranger, Toyota Hilux, to the Grand Cherokee, and JK Wrangler, Offroad Animal have aggressive and well built bars and acessories for each vehicle.

Our Brands of Choice

We have spent years sifting through the vast amount of products and brands out there and have hand selected manufacturers from America & Australia in an effort to provide the best of the best. We do not compromise on quality, form or function.

CRDSTU Suspension

All CRDSTU / Murchison Coils are 100% made here in Australia.

Murchison Products support late model Jeep’s and Ram Trucks with a range of coil options. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using the vehicle as a daily driver, a family commuter, a work truck, or a long distance tourer, we have a coils and suspension set up that’s right for you.

Since 2007 Murchison Products have been working with Australian coil manufacturers to make our custom CRDSTU branded Jeep Coils. In 2016 we moved to support the 4th gen Ram 2500 DJ, and in 2019 the Ram 1500 DS. Early 2021 saw us launch our Jeep JT Gladaitor coils, along with our JL Wrangler coils mid 2021. Our custom coils for the 5th gen Ram 1500 DT are due in the 3rd quater of 2021.

Developing our coil range has come from owning and driving the vehicles themselves, not just fitting a set of aftermarket coils and calling the job complete. We pair our coils up with a range of shock absorbers, such as the US made Bilstein, Fox, Kings and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What style roof racks are best?

When it comes to protection, there is no better roof rack option than the rest. In the end, it all boils down to what you plan to put on top of your car and whether the construction is sturdy enough to support the load.

Additionally, if fuel economy is your primary concern when driving, we suggest aerodynamic choices that are intended to cut through the wind more effectively. If you're transporting luggage or goods that might be damaged by water, an enclosed cargo box is preferable. Depending on the degree of protection required, there are various specialty solutions for water activities, fishing and other activities.

How long do 4x4 shocks last?

The suspension of your truck will see the most wear and tear when off-road driving. This is determined by the quality of your shocks and the type of driving you do. If you frequently drive across deep ditches, rough ground, and rolling hills, stock systems are unlikely to survive extended usage. Make sure your suspension system can handle years of off-roading action.

What are the benefits of fitting a lift kit to my 4WD?

Raising your vehicle and gaining extra clearance from the ground have a number of advantages for offroading. It allows your suspension to move vertically more freely, which may make for a smoother journey, and it also makes it easier to remove obstacles such as rocks, water-dense scrub, and other terrains. Having greater clearance will make changing tyres in the woods far easier.

With the increased clearance, you're less likely to damage any mechanics beneath the cabin, but this additional room makes it simpler for you to work on your vehicle if necessary.

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