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I am pleased to say that the TV2300 blower unit for the DT Etorque is a perfect match in my opinion. The Etorque works seamlessly with the blower and if anything helps to provide a ‘dampening effect’ to compressor surge that some vehicles have. This creates a smoothness which is factory like, Fuel economy is the biggest bonus! Better Fuel economy for daily driving is 100% guaranteed as is when towing, the positive displacement provides a huge gain in low end torque from even 1200rpms!!! You will be very surprised!

Techy Stuff………

The new TVS2300 Supercharger kit features the same Harrop FDFI (Front Drive Front Inlet) and industry leading Intercooler technology as our existing DS-DT RAM 1500 supercharger systems. The Harrop cast aluminium manifold assembly incorporates a large twin pass intercooler core that is located directly under the Supercharger discharge port to maximise Intercooler surface area. The unique intercooler system coupled with large front mount heat exchanger and high flow Bosch intercooler pump, provides greater thermal and volumetric efficiency to unleash the performance potential of the Hemi 5.7L E-Torque V8 engine both on-road and off.

The instant and linear boost response from the positive displacement Supercharger provides torque from idle and right the way through the rev range. Perfect for towing and any off-road adventures, the Harrop TVS2300 Supercharger gives sportscar acceleration in the comfort of a sports utility. Drivability is enhanced by the integrated bypass valve that dramatically reduces drag (parasitic loss) from the Supercharger rotating group and this also means better fuel consumption in “off boost” everyday driving.

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