ECU Remap Dyno Tune incl 8sp auto tune

$2,200.00 inc. GST

ECU Remap & Dyno Tuning for DT Etorque Ram 1500

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The E torque DT rams respond well to tuning as do all 5.7 Hemis. There are genuine gains to torque and fuel economy as we can take advantage of the variable camshaft and variable intake manifold runner to optimise torque and mid range power. Tuning alone without any other engine performance mods can yield around 45Hp but when coupled together with proper ceramic coated high flow headers and Cold Air Intake can get as mush as 70Hp+ at the wheels on wide open throttle.
Headers and intakes can be added down the track at any stage if you want to just get the tuning done 1st, but ultimately it is technically better to get the hardware done before the software.
The initial tune cost factors in the installation of the FCA Security bypass cable, tuning credits for engine and auto PCMs. Any tuning requirements after this is at a significantly reduced rate.

Real World Benefits
– Throttle response across the entire rev range
– Max RPMs increased from 5750 to 6100rpms
– More Torque across the usable daily driven rpm range
– MDS 4cyl deactivation mode deleted
– Better Towing & Better all round driving experience

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