Murchison HD Ram Skid Plate Set

Murchison HD Ram Skid Plate Set

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The all new Murchison HD Alloy Skid Plate Set for Ram 1500 DS – This is a 3 part system that runs from the front chassis drop down cans, right to the back of the Transfer Case!  Maximum Protection, Maximum Coverage, Minimum Chance of Damage.. 

Laser cut, CNC folded, hand tig welded, hand sanded and finished in Sahara Black powder coat right here in Brisbane – All Australian Made!

This is the ultimate skid plate set protecting all of the Ram 1500s vital organs which are exposed offroad – Engine Sump, Front Differential, Engine Oil Filter, Electric Power Steering Rack, Auto, Auto Cooler and Oil Lines not to mention the entire Transfer Case. The 8speed Auto is the most vunerable component out of the lot of them and we’ve already had to replace a few 8sp Auto Sumps due a stick penetrating the plastic Auto Sump. If this happens its game over – you’re on a tow truck and that’s no fun. Holiday over.

These 3 skids also help to disipate and displace WATER and SAND during beach driving  – we’ve lost count of how many times we’ve had to service a Ram and emptied out half the North Shore onto our workshop floor. Sand is incredibly damaging to the likes of your Altenator, Acc Belts, pulleys ect and that’s the number one place that the sand goes when you “accidently” plough through a soft sand cutting.

Our skids are 5mm Alumium for max strength and minimum weight  – this is all important for the vehicles overall weight.

There is an inferior copy version on these plates out there that crack and fall off due to poor manufacturing, they say that copying is the best form of flattery when it comes to manufacturing so dont go with the losers who copy other peoples engineering, stick with the original and the best……….!! MP


In this kit:
– 1 x Murchison Front Engine Sump Skid Plate
– 1 x Murchison HD Front Cross Member
– 1 x Murchison Auto Skid Plate
– 1 x Murchison Transfercase Skid Plate
– All hardware fitted into place on the skid plates for easy install!


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