Murchison Ram 1500 2" - 3" HD Overland Suspension

Murchison Ram 1500 2″ – 3″ HD Overland Suspension

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The Bilstein 6112 HD struts used in our HD Suspension Overland are for those seeking serious off-road action to carry them over the terrain. Each of these kits will optimize the off-road capabilities of your rig with a 60mm digressive piston for increased damping control, specially designed cold wound springs, and an adjustable spring seat, which allows for vehicle leveling, larger tires, and increased ground clearance.

The Bilstein 5160 Remote Reservoir rear shock provides ultimate vehicle control on even the harshest terrain. Zinc plating and increased oil capacity dissipate more heat assuring long term durability. Reservoir mounts are included in the box.

Thanks to the Remote Reservoir technology expanding the limits of your suspension system. Rather than housing the gas chamber in the shock body, the gas chamber instead is located in the reservoir. Depending on the purpose of application this technology reveals various advantages. On SUVs or light trucks this technology increases wheel travel allowing for optimum control in rough terrain. As a result, oil capacity is also expanded, creating greater heat dissipation, eliminating reduced performance due to overheating and improving long-term durability.

Murchison Ram 1500 Rear Coils

We have 3 options for the rear, a 20% increase rate, a 40% and an EX HD 60% version for canopy back style setups with heaps of load. The larger of the 3 being for constant or permanent high loads ie: a rear canopy or steel tray / tradie ute back service body’s etc.

All Murchison coils come with a full Lifetime Warranty against sagging and breakage and are PROUDLY 100% AUSTRALIAN MADE!

Airbag Man Airbags

You can also add the Airbag Man airbags to our rear coils for the ultimate in load carrying without sacrificing the ride quality – just remember, the coil’s job is to carry the load and provide the ride height – the airbag is a ‘helper’ to this, not a recommended sole method of load carrying as it gives a harsh ride quality.

JBA A-Arms
(Ram 1500 Upper Control Arms)

All Ram 1500 models have independent front suspension and require replacement of factory upper control arms when lifted beyound 3″. If factory UCAs are not replaced, your Ram 1500 alignment and clearances can be incorrect.

When Ram 1500s are lifted, caster is lost from the front-end alignment. Caster is critical for stability over 80km per hour and returns the steering wheel to center after going around a corner. Additionally, factory upper control arms often rub on the front springs at certain articulations.

Please Note: If your ram is spending a decent of its time offroad or constantly going over corrigations, it’s a good idea to have these arms installed!

Hellwig HD Swaybar

The swaybar upgrade is mainly for higher center of gravity loaded stuations. Tall water sprayers, or canopys with a high load at the top; such top-heavy ladder racks, or giant roof top tents. These HD swaybars work extremely effectively especially in conjunction with our Dual Rear Shock System.

They “pull down” the nose of the vehicle and help initial corner turn in response  – along with generally limiting that level of sway that a higher 4×4 can sometimes experience when travelling down a freeway.



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