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High Flow Headers are a must for the 5.7 Hemi Ram. The factory cast iron headers are not only restrictive but fail due to excess heat and cracking.
If you want the most performance and economy combined then a set of MP Australian Made Headers are the way to go…..take a read

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Custom made via CNC bending and jig welded for repetitive perfection, the MP Ceramic Coated headers are all Australian Made specifically to suit the ASV & SCD Converted Ram 1500s. 

ASV make without a doubt the best Ram 1500 DS conversions in the country. We decided that due to the engine bay specific changes with ASV’s conversion process, there was a need to make specific headers for them to clear the steering and new oil cooler / oil filter re route lines.

We offer 2 types of Ceramic Coated Headers
The Matt Silver ones suit BOTH DS AND DT applications but moreso aimed at the more discerning DT owner. They are technically a “Mid Tube” Header but don’t be concerned, they can flow just as much power as the longer Polished Silver ones. These headers can be purchased as a pair (and come with our FULL DT SYSTEM) and come with the weld on V band rings to join up to your existing stock CATS. They are tig welded, have thicker walled tubes and tuck up nicely in the DT engine bay. They arent much louder at idle than stock as we’ve concentrated our efforts on making sure the idle and combustion noise on the DT is at acceptable levels. Take for instance a factory AMG Mercedes or Audi R8 – they have a significant performance focus and sound more racey than they’re lower spec’d cousins but can tow the quiet line which makes for pleasant hands free phone calls in the cabin……….

The Bright Polished Silver ones are DS only and come with a pair of weld on flanges to let you join up your stock CATS. These ones come with a pair of 02 sensor extension harnesses as well to reach the post cat sensors. They do make a bit more combustion noise at idle as they are thinner walled, longer and space out further from the face of the block for flow. They give a more “Performance Orientated” tough sound compared to the Mid Tube Matt Silver ones. These headers can also be ordered in 1″ 7/8th for DS Rams with Superchargers, Camshaft upgrades and even 6.4 Hemi upgrades for even more power up top! 


Our standard 1″ 3/4 design helps with torque characteristics and fuel economy gains with the 5.7 Hemi.
These headers are also a MUST when Supercharging your 5.7 Hemi Ram as the stock super restrictive cast iron headers don’t flow the required numbers, not to mention the potential of them to crack due to the heat cycles. This cracking has been more evident on the DT rams as they have a slightly weaker/thinner cast iron manifold.

Murchison Products offer full in house fitment of the headers and they are a great compliment to our aspirated tuning and exhaust packages. Our Ram power pack upgrade which consists of Intake, Tune, Headers, Throttle Body and Exhaust see a respectable 65KW gain at the wheels whilst all the while delivering fuel economy and torque gains.  We have heard of other shops claiming 100Kw at the wheels with this level of mod tuning and all we can say is BEWARE! We wouldnt like to see the pistons and valve train after 20-30,000klms after such aggressive tuning like that!

We have tested and tested with our own shop Ram, we have over 80,000km on our tune now and plenty of those with over 3.5t towing on board. Our tune requires 98 Octane fuel as the Hemi has a high 9.7:1 compression ratio stock. 

Available in Matt Silver, Polished Silver, Matt Bronze, Satin Black



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