Murchison WK2 ECU Tune, 3.0 CRD

$1,295.00 inc. GST

MP’s own tune has been refined over the years based on our own vehicle and feedback & results from our customers’ towing experiences.
This tune reduces fuel consumption in some cases 2lt per 100klms and certainly provides a much more urgent acceleration push in the back which is welcomed when one needs to blast away from a set of lights!
Make sure you have a catch can as well once tuned.

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Current Model Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 3.0 CRD remapping is available at Murchison Products Massive gains in Power, Torque, Acceleration and Economy

• All flashes must be done here in house so you can either drive in and drop off your vehicle or you can remove your ECU and express post up to us here in Brisbane.
• We can turn the ECU around in 24hrs.
• All EGR’s are turned off in all tunes
• All tunes provide a punchier, harder accelerating drive and return better fuel economy numbers than stock.
• We offer a stage 2 flash for vehicles equipped with proper turbo back exhausts and or intercooler upgrades

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