Murchison WK2 Grand Cherokee Big 3 Power Pack

Murchison WK2 Grand Cherokee Big 3 Power Pack

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The ‘Big 3’ Power pack transforms your WK2 into the vehicle it should have been!

• Murchison 3″ Stainless Hi-Flow Exhaust with 3.5″ tips
• Murchison 2″ Stainless Intake Tube (air muffler delete)
• Murchison XL Intercooler V2
• Murchison ECU Performance Flash Tune
• Optional extra before and after dyno print out ($295 extra)
• Optional extra of an iDriveThrotle Controller for the WK2 grand

Installing a catch can is a must on a tuned WK2 let alone any late model diesel 4wd – late model 4wds breathe a lot harder and produce more crank case gases which need to be addressed by means of a catch can. When towing these gases multiply by at least 3 making it super important. 

We offer in house fitting for this kit – pls call for pricing as depends on whether your vehicle has an existing bull bar / winch / nudgebar ect


Murchison WK2 Hi-Flow Exhaust System

Our exhaust not only delivers over 12Kw at the wheels by simply installing it, but sounds sensational and looks amazing. The quality and craftsmanship is second to none, we guarantee you will not find a better exhaust for the WK2.
This is an in house only fit as we no longer make them in kit form due to the complex shape and bends – pls make sure if you have a long range tank fitted underneath you will have to let us know as the pipe work will be slightly different. – 2 days required

Murchison WK2 XL Intercooler

In conjunction with the designers from PWR, Murchison Products brings you our HD Intercooler for the WK2 CRD.

The WK2 CRD runs a high factory boost setting which is only mildly controlled by the stock intercooler. We noticed that during data recording sessions the stock intercooler loss efficiency when higher revs and towing conditions were placed upon it, so we’ve designed an intercooler that is not only ten times stronger physically than the stock unit, but is more than twice  the size!
This allows for 
much improved air to air cooling capacity which lowers intake temps and thus allows us to run a higher boost in our ECU tune for safer running temps – it also lowers the EGT temps by over 100C under load

Installing the intercooler will yield gains alone and doesn’t require a remap of the ECU, but it is the best compliment for an ECU tune so you can take full advantage of the tune file.

Murchison ECU Performance Tune

• EGR is turned off in all tunes
• All tunes provide a punchier, harder accelerating drive and return better fuel economy numbers than stock.

• You can send your ECU to us as well for out of town tuning – pls bubble wrap it and express post with tracking no# Att Stuart Murchison

Kit price is plus fitting – pls let us know if you have a bullbar or nudgebar on your vehicle as it changes install times and costs

More videos to come

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