ProVent Catch Can, WK2 Grand Cherokee

ProVent Catch Can, WK2 Grand Cherokee

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All WK2 3.0CRD owners please read carefully, this is for you!!

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******ULTRA IMPORTANT FOR 3.0CRD WK2 Owners!! – Please read carefully!*********
Given that most 2011-2018 WK2 Grand Cherokee’s are getting well past 100,000klms and in some cases 200,000klms, we are seeing a plethora of WK2s coming into us for full manifold cleans and coolant hose manifold hoses due to carbon build up – none of these vehicles have ever had catch cans fitted. Also in most cases they’ve never had in depth servicing or a triple oil flush/change and degrease.
Want your WK2 manifold and intake ports/valves cleaned back to brand new like the photos below? Call us today

ProVent oil separator kits protect your modern diesel engine by substantially reducing the amount of oil entering the engine from blow-by gas in the crankcase ventilation system.

By not fitting a Mann+Hummel ProVent system, it is guaranteed that your engine will experience a progressive reduction in performance. Mann+Hummel ProVent systems, are specifically designed to separate and redirect oil and air from blow-by gas produced from within the crank case. You simply drain the bottom hose via the supplied ballvalve tap into a cup or pan and dispose of.

Kit Contains:

• Highly efficient oil separation as a closed as well as an open system
• Maintenance friendly: fittings are not removed during element maintenance
• Less motor oil consumption in comparison to less efficient separators or conventional open systems
• Provides ideal protection for turbochargers and other components installed downstream.


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