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We have spent years sifting through the vast amount of products and brands out there and have hand selected manufacturers from America & Australia in an effort to provide the best of the best. We do not compromise on quality, form or function.

Frequently Asked Questions

What style roof racks are best?

When it comes to protection, there is no better roof rack option than the rest. In the end, it all boils down to what you plan to put on top of your car and whether the construction is sturdy enough to support the load.

Additionally, if fuel economy is your primary concern when driving, we suggest aerodynamic choices that are intended to cut through the wind more effectively. If you're transporting luggage or goods that might be damaged by water, an enclosed cargo box is preferable. Depending on the degree of protection required, there are various specialty solutions for water activities, fishing and other activities.

How long do 4x4 shocks last?

The suspension of your truck will see the most wear and tear when off-road driving. This is determined by the quality of your shocks and the type of driving you do. If you frequently drive across deep ditches, rough ground, and rolling hills, stock systems are unlikely to survive extended usage. Make sure your suspension system can handle years of off-roading action.

What are the benefits of fitting a lift kit to my 4WD?

Raising your vehicle and gaining extra clearance from the ground have a number of advantages for offroading. It allows your suspension to move vertically more freely, which may make for a smoother journey, and it also makes it easier to remove obstacles such as rocks, water-dense scrub, and other terrains. Having greater clearance will make changing tyres in the woods far easier.

With the increased clearance, you're less likely to damage any mechanics beneath the cabin, but this additional room makes it simpler for you to work on your vehicle if necessary.

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